Wednesday, March 08, 2006

The Jewish Week Butchers It Again

I was reading the Jewish Week, and I came upon this article. I just can’t believe that Gary Rosenblatt got the details of metzitzah b’peh so wrong. How hard is it to figure out? Come on, how could he actually get the body part that MBP is performed on wrong? Hint: Gary, it aint an elbow!

But wait, it gets worse! Then he completely mangles the name of the Rabbi who comes out against MBP!

”How can we subject poor defenseless babies to this barbaric practice?” Said Rabbi Pitzy Putz, Chief Rabbi of the Five Towns.

I mean, how can you mix up the name Putzelowitz with the name Putz?? I can’t believe that Gary would just lop off a whole part of the Putz like that!

Par for the course at the Jewish Week.

At Maven: MBP examined.

Personality Test

Do you choose:



“Shut the hell up and get your ugly mug away from me”

More on this later.

Hilchot Bookshelves

I was looking at the overstuffed bookshelves (even my seforim have seforim!) in my living room today, and a thought struck me. Can books that have been banned (but never read) by our Gedolim, such as books by Rabbi Nosson Slifkin, share shelf space with books that have actually been read (but never banned) by our Gedolim? If not, how much of a separation needs to be between them? Is keeping them on a separate shelf sufficient, or do they need to be in completely different bookshelves – or even rooms? Also, does one have to kasher the shelves before reorganizing? Is repainting sufficient, or do the shelves need to be completely sanded down first? What other halachik question might arise?